Business Assurance
Transform customer experience with Business Assurance built around AI/ML and focused analytics capabilities to address the new, complex, and critical challenges that Business Assurance teams face globally. It also helps to:
  • Improve services profitability
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operating costs
This advanced solution with next-gen capabilities will eliminate the traditional challenges, such as siloed view of data insights and risk-related information, lack of AI adoption and predictive analytics, lack of scalability, and redundant processes that are time and cost-consuming.



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    How can Business Assurance help you?

    Business Assurance solution leverages AI/ML to transform enterprises into a data-driven organization which helps reduce risks and improve services profitability. It also helps to:

    • Prioritize workflows with the most comprehensive AI/ML tooling on revenue margins and product performance
    • Accelerate monetization with Industry’s most user-friendly and intuitive AI Studio for advanced BA use cases
    • Optimize cost with user-controllable TCO based on only what you use
    • Unearth opportunities with continual value-added rolling upgrades based on the subscription model
    • Amplify operational excellence with End-to-End partnership in Consulting, Tooling, and Services offerings and 100% DIY enablement for comprehensive self-serve/self-deploy
    • Drive business insights for CXOs with insights based on the most extensive operational library of controls from over 25 years of implementation experience
    • Improve scalability with Cloud Native, auto-scaling for changing business environment and load
    • Enhanced features with rolling roadmap include Robotic Process Automation, ML Data Assistance, Operational Knowledge Repository, Smart Collaboration.

    Features of Business Assurance

    Business Assurance with HyperSense AI studio combines AI/ML capabilities, cloud-native, collaborative knowledge management, and risk marketplace with advanced Business Assurance use cases. Few other capabilities are as below:

    Comprehensive and ethical AI/ML workbench

    Analytical insights on revenue, margins & product performance

    Efficient collaboration engine with knowledge management, artifact repository, enterprise data portal, etc

    Real-time Risk Intelligence platform that embraces AI-driven robotic process automation & identification of unknown-unknowns 

    Descriptive dashboarding and reporting capabilities on revenues, activations, and churn 

    Advanced correlation and mapping to revenue streams

    Your Questions Answered

    We ‘ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about what we offer. 

    It is an Active Risk Intelligence-based platform where the customers can assess and address impacts proactively and in near real-time. Along with providing a single source of truth, the solution leverages AI/ML to transform enterprises into data-driven analytical organizations. It improves services’ profitability, customer satisfaction and reduces operating costs.

    Business assurance is the integration and bundle solution for the complex list of problems. With Business assurance it is easy to do analysis of complex data, case management for the comparison of measures, create complex end to end audits, designated workspace and contains all the information for telcos to make business decisions. It is well equipped to handle today’s use cases, both traditional billing, as well as the complex hierarchies & bundled promotions of new-age digital offerings.

    Today, Business Assurance teams are asked to provide end-to-end coverage for more risks and assurance requirements than ever, especially in the context of new business models, partnership complexity, and services that will emerge with 5G. However, the overall Business Assurance headcount is not increasing in the same relevant measure. AI & ML will help in process automation, corrective actions, and prioritizing the most significant risks. Ultimately human intelligence combined with machines will be required to provide assurance services to the modern organization successfully.

    The other use cases offered by HyperSense AI Studio include Fraud Detection, Revenue Forecasting, Customer Hyper Segmentation, Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention, Network Operations, Revenue Maximization, Product & Price Optimization, Customer Support Prediction, and Network assets and capacity planning.

    All you need to do to get HyperSense AI Studio free for the first 14-days is, fill the above application and, you will receive an email on your registered email ID with a set of instructions within 24 hours.

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