Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention
Churn prediction and prevention helps organizations develop a comprehensive view of each customer to identify the churn propensity and take necessary actions for retention. It maintains service quality and customer satisfaction. To retain customers, it offers customers:
  • Attractive packages
  • Better pricing
  • Tailor-made special discounts
It eliminates traditional challenges such as manual intervention to identify the next best offering, tedious and time-consuming processes, and lack of data harmonization that helps to identify trends.



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    How can Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention help you?

    Churn prediction and prevention solutions help organizations identify customers who are likely to churn and take proactive steps to prevent it by leveraging AI/ML models to improve customer satisfaction.

    • Drive lasting customer lifetime value by leveraging data-driven content recommendations to predict and manage churn.
    • Increase customer loyalty and retention by improving service quality, dynamically adjusting pricing, and delivering personalized offers.
    • Deliver the best customer experience by having access to the complete customer journey during customer service calls to identify and resolve issues quickly.
    • Make quick business decisions based on real-time behavioural data of customers and adjust offers to meet service demand.
    • Drive business strategy and product decisions by identifying the root cause of customer churn.

    Features of Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention

    Boost customer retention and engagement with Churn Prediction solution

    Uses customer’s behavioural, lifestyle, and demographic variables to analyze and predict the likelihood of churn.

    Create tailor-made offerings to manage churn based on customer’s preferences and drive loyalty.

    It uses various analytical techniques for churn prediction like logistic regression, decision trees, etc.

    End-to-end integration helps an organization assess the churn propensity of each customer.

    Get to know the next best action and drive successful marketing efforts towards increasing ARPU.

    Here’s how AI Studio can help

    A Tier-1 telco operator in the APAC region improved subscriber retention by offering them attractive personalized packages, better pricing, and tailor-made discounts. With our advanced AI/ML techniques, the team could identify the churn propensity and take the necessary steps to prevent it. Schedule a 15-min call with us today to learn about the solution.

    Your Questions Answered

    We ‘ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about what we offer. 

    It helps organizations develop a comprehensive view of each customer to identify the churn propensity and take necessary actions for retention. With real-time insights on factors that trigger churn, organizations can take corrective actions to retain customers, such as offering attractive packages, better pricing, and special discounts tailor-made to customers’ preferences. It uses customer’s historical, behavioural, lifestyle, and demographic data to analyze and predict the likelihood of customer churn.

    Churn Prediction helps businesses gain a better understanding of future expected revenue. It identifies and improves areas where customer service is lacking and helps understand what preventive steps are necessary to minimize lost revenue.

    The essential factors that help predict customer churn are tariff plans, subscriber contract, duration (length) of the contract, number of services, income, revenue, features used, etc.

    Various analytical techniques for Churn Prediction are Customer Segmentation, Segment movement analysis, Historical segment churn analysis, Churn prediction modelling, Logistic regression, Decision trees, and Segment churn attribution modelling.

    The other solutions offered by HyperSense AI Studio include Business Assurance, Fraud Management, Revenue Forecasting, Customer Hyper Segmentation, Network Operations, Revenue Maximization, Product & Price Optimization, Customer Support Prediction, and Network assets and capacity planning.

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