Network assets and capacity planning
Network asset and capacity planning help organizations predict future performance to make profitable network investment decisions by collecting, aggregating, and analyzing the network data in real-time from multiple sources by leveraging AI/ML techniques. It helps:
  • Deliver high-quality network and better customer experience
  • Increase network capacity accuracy and performance
  • Improve operational wisdom and reduce downtime
It eliminates traditional challenges such as increasing complexity of networks, higher consumer expectations for speed, and leveraging traditional network monitoring tools.



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    How can Network Assets and Capacity Planning help you?

    Network Asset and Capacity planning solutions help organizations dynamically provision network resources to respond effectively to demand fluctuations and accurately forecast demand by leveraging AI/ML techniques.
    • Drive new and smarter predictive insights to improve network capacity-planning accuracy using advanced data science and cognitive technology such as AI and ML.
    • Makes quick and automated decisions by predicting/forecasting traffic and analyzing traffic pattern detection.
    • Enable more accurate assessment of network capacity and reduces the need for resource over-provision using advanced machine-learning algorithms.
    • Optimizes the analytics models used, provides a better network representation and ensures accurate network capacity planning.
    • Faster resolution of issues by accurately forecasting the demand reduces operational costs and ensures enhanced customer experience.

    Features of Network Assets and Capacity Planning

    Leverage AI to monitor and improve capacity planning and network performance

    Analyze network’s historical, after-the-fact reports and multiple rapidly changing metrics in real-time to forecast demand accurately, future performance, and enhance network capacity planning

    Analyze large volumes of the data in real-time and identify potential problem areas before they impact subscribers

    Leverage AI/ML to automate complex processes, predict capacity needs, and dynamically provision network resources to respond effectively to demand fluctuations

    Enables modeling of different performance scenarios and determines how network performance impacts application performance in different cases

    Predictive models combined with optimization techniques automatically generate the optimal network structure and the corresponding capacity and resource plans

    Here’s how AI Studio can help

    A leading Tier-1 operator in the CALA region improved customer experience and delivered a high-quality network through our AI-based solution that analyzes the network data in real-time. Schedule a call and talk to us to know more about the solution.

    Your Questions Answered

    We ‘ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about what we offer. 

    Network Capacity Planning is planning a network for utilization, bandwidth, operations, availability, and the other network capacity constraints. It helps ensures that sufficient bandwidth is provisioned such that the committed core network Service-Level Agreement (SLA) targets of delay, jitter, loss, and availability can be met. 

    Network Asset and Capacity Planning leverages AI/ML techniques to predict future performance to make profitable network investment decisions by collecting, aggregating, and analyzing the network data in real-time from multiple sources. It helps organizations collect, aggregate, and analyze multiple rapidly changing metrics such as Network Traffic data, QoS data, and Call drop data in real-time to forecast demand, improve network capacity planning and reduce operational costs.

    AI/ML solutions analyze massive amounts of network data from multiple sources, predict future network performance, and make profitable network investment decisions. It helps organizations quickly analyze large volumes of data and explore various scenarios to identify potential problem areas before impacting subscribers. It detects intertemporal patterns/trends in network traffic and utilization and predicts demand forecasts to enhance network capacity planning, performance, and customer experience.

    The other solution offered by HyperSense AI Studio includes Business Assurance, Fraud Management, Revenue Forecasting, Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention, Network Operations, Revenue Maximization, Product & Price Optimization, Customer Support Prediction, and Customer Hyper Segmentation.

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