Bounding Box

What is a bounding box? The bounding box is an imaginary rectangular box that contains an object or a set of points. When used in digital image processing, the bounding box refers to the border’s coordinates that enclose an image. They are often used to bind or identify a target and serve as a reference […]


What is AI bias? Bias is an irregularity in the outcome of machine learning algorithms, due to the discriminatory assumptions formed during the algorithm development process. This could be due to a narrow training set of data or a partisan algorithm.   How does AI bias happen? We often look for causes of AI bias […]

Bayesian Networks

What are Bayesian Networks? Bayesian networks are a kind of probabilistic graphical standard that uses the Bayesian hypothesis for probability calculations. Bayesian networks seek to enable conditional dependence, and therefore causation, by defining conditional dependence by edges in a digraph. By drawing relationships between metrics, one can efficiently accomplish inference on the random variables in […]

Backward Chaining

What is backward chaining? Backward chaining in artificial intelligence involves backtracking from the endpoint or goal to steps that led to the endpoint. This type of chaining starts from the end goal and moves backward to comprehend the steps taken to attain this goal. The backtracking process can also enable a person to establish logical […]

Batch Data Processing

What is Batch Data Processing? Batch data processing allows processing high volumes of data in a group or batch of transactions collected over some time. The data is collected, entered, processed, and then the result for that batch is produced. This method allows users to process data when computing resources are available with little or […]

Big Data

What is Big Data? Big Data is a collection of data that is huge in volume yet growing exponentially with time. It is data with large size and complexity that none of the traditional data management tools can store or handle efficiently. When analyzed, it leads to better decisions and strategic business insights. There are […]

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is a set of processes, architectures, and technologies that convert raw data into actionable information that helps organizations make more data-driven decisions. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the […]

Business Rules Management System

What is Business Rules Management System? A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a technology system used to capture decision logic as a business rule and automated across applications. The rules are externalized and managed away from application code instead of embedding it within multiple applications. It ensures that the logic is reused in many […]

Business Rule Engine

What is Business Rule Engine? A business rule engine (BRE), a core component of business rules management system (BRMS), is an application that executes decision processes based on predefined business logic. BREs enable precision decision-making and are especially useful for complex dependencies, as well as in instances where regulatory or organizational rule changes frequently require […]