Data Profiling

What is Data Profiling? Data Profiling is the process of examining, understanding structure, content, and interrelationships, analyzing, and identifying potential for data projects. It yields a high-level overview of data and helps to identify data quality issues, risks, and overall trends. It produces critical insights into data that companies can leverage to their advantage. It […]

Data Orchestration

Data orchestration is a process performed by software that merges siloed data from numerous data storage sites and makes it available to data analysis tools. Over 87% of businesses have a low level of business intelligence and analytics maturity. Low data maturity prohibits businesses from making the most of their data. That startlingly high figure […]

Data Preparation

What is data preparation? Data preparation is the complete step-by-step process of gathering, combining, structuring and organizing data to be used in business intelligence (BI), analytics and data visualization models. The entity of data preparation contains data preprocessing, profiling, cleansing, validation and modification; it is also typical to pull together data from both internal systems […]

Deep Learning

What is deep learning? Deep learning is an AI function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. It is an essential element of data science, including statistics and predictive modeling. It is highly beneficial to data scientists to collect, analyze, and interpret large […]

Digital Ecosystem

What is a digital ecosystem? A digital ecosystem is a group of interconnected information technology resources that can function as a unit. Digital ecosystems consist of suppliers, customers, trading partners, applications, third-party data service providers, and all respective technologies. Interoperability is the key to the ecosystem’s success.   Why is the digital ecosystem important? No […]


What is a dataset? A dataset is a collection of data. In other words, a dataset corresponds to the contents of a single database table or a single statistical data matrix, where every column of the table represents a particular variable, and each row corresponds to a given member of the data set in question. […]

Data Science

What Is Data Science? Data science is an incorporative method of extracting actionable insights from the enormous and ever-increasing pile of data collected and created by everyday organizations. Data science includes gathering data for analysis and processing, implementing advanced data analytics, and displaying the results to indicate patterns and allow stakeholders to make informed decisions. […]

Data Lake

What is a Data Lake? A data Lake is a centralized storage repository that stores a large amount of data from several sources across many data formats. The data can be structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. It allows storing the data as-is at any scale. A data lake differs from a data warehouse in the following […]


What is a Database? A Database is a collection of data that is systematically organized, accessed, managed, and updated. It makes data management easy. The data is organized into tables, rows, columns, and indexes to make it easier to relevant information. The main objective of the database is to handle a large amount of data […]

Data Literacy

What is Data Literacy? Data literacy has become vital for almost everyone. It requires an ability to read, work with, analyze, and interact with data. It empowers all levels of employees to ask the right questions of data, build knowledge, make decisions, and share data findings with others.   Why is Data Literacy important for […]