Limited Memory

What is limited memory? Limited memory is a type of artificial intelligence. It refers to an AI’s ability to store previous data and predictions, using that data to make better predictions. With limited memory, ML architecture becomes a little more complex. Every ML model requires limited memory to be created, but the model can get […]

Linguistic Annotation

What is a linguistic annotation? Linguistic annotation refers to the data available in various formats like audio or text, etc., that is annotated to make it understandable for ML. Data containing the conversation between humans through language or written text are annotated with added metadata and notes. In other words, various types of data like […]


What is labeling? Labeling is a vital part of training AI. It allows AI to understand the implications of a pattern. Once an AI knows the label associated with a pattern, it will evaluate future patterns based on that knowledge. When you like a song, you are helping the algorithm find other songs that share […]

Log-Based Change Data Capture

What is Log-Based Change Data Capture? Log-based Change Data Capture shares real-time transactional data from OLTP databases. It is lightweight but also a highly performant way to ingest change data. Below are the few capabilities of log-based change data capture: Log-based change data capture from heterogeneous databases for non-intrusive, low-impact real-time data ingestion. It allows […]