Predictive Modeling

What is Predictive modeling? Predictive modeling is a mathematical approach to predicting future events or outcomes by analyzing data patterns in a provided set of information. It is a vital part of predictive analytics, a type of data analytics which employs contemporary and documented data to indicate future activity, behaviour and trends. Use cases of […]

Pattern Recognition

What is pattern recognition? Pattern recognition can detect arrangements of characteristics or data that yield information about a given system or data set. A pattern might be recurring data sequences that are used to predict trends, particular configurations of features in images. It helps to identify objects, frequent combinations of words and phrases for natural […]


What is a parameter? A model parameter is a configuration variable internal to the model and whose value can be estimated from data. Parameters are essential to machine learning algorithms, and they are part of the model learned from historical training data. In classical machine learning literature, we may think of the model as the […]

Predictive Data Analytics

What is predictive data analytics? Predictive data analytics uses historical data, machine learning, and statistical techniques to predict what will happen in the future. It helps in gaining valuable insights about future outcomes, thereby facilitating enterprises to plan better, mitigate risks, and optimize operations.   What is the importance of predictive data analytics? Enterprises use […]