Unsupervised Learning

What is Unsupervised learning? Unsupervised learning is all about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software to recognise patterns in data containing snippets that are neither classified nor labelled. The algorithms are thus used to classify, label and/or group the data snippets contained within the data without having any external involvement in performing that task. […]

Unstructured Data

What is unstructured data? Unstructured data is information that exists in a non-normalized and non-identifiable data structure. This includes text, image, audio, and video files that are not stored in databases. Especially in the environment of Big Data, unstructured data is of enormous importance.   What are the challenges with unstructured data? The problem with […]

Unified data analytics

What is unified data analytics? Unified data analytics involves aggregation and analysis of data from disparate sources to get a single pane of view of all data in one place. It provides 360-degree visibility of all business activities and metrics, thereby, empowering organizations to make profitable decisions.   What is the importance of unified data […]