What is AIOps?

AIOps stands for the application of ML and AI for IT operations. AIOps platforms combine big data and machine learning functionality to support all primary IT operations functions through the scalable ingestion and analysis of the data generated by IT teams.

AIOps platforms help transform the way enterprises operate their IT infrastructure. The power of machine learning and analytics can turn the overwhelming mountains of metrics, logs, and traces into proactive operations that deliver unprecedented levels of availability and efficiency.


Why is AIOps important?

As the data is increasing exponentially traditional domain-based IT management solutions are unable to keep up with the volume. Models cannot derive entirely from the data, and hence the results are not always accurate. The data also cannot provide the real-time insights and the predictive analysis that the IT operations teams need to respond to issues to meet user expectations. This is where the combination of human expertise and a logical understanding of the system can help replace or augment empirical modeling to give meaningful and actionable insights. The effectiveness usually depends on the data quality and relevance of both the data and the human understanding. That’s why AIOps is important. It is a range of disciplines where each segment is focused on a specific aspect of the IT operations and infrastructure.


What are the benefits of AIOps?

  • Achieves faster mean time to resolution by identifying root cause and find solutions more accurately than humanly possible.
  • It goes from reactive to proactive to predictive management that lets IT teams address potential problems before they lead to slow-downs or outages.
  • It enables faster data-driven decision-making.

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