What is an algorithm?

An algorithm in machine learning is a set of rules or instructions given to an AI program or other machine to help it learn on its own. These algorithms are well-constructed and the backbone of artificial intelligence. They are a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for data processing and automated reasoning.


Why is the algorithm important?

The use of algorithms in AI is the fundamental step. They are used to analyze data, gain insight, and subsequently make a prediction with it. Instead of manually coding software with a specific instruction set, the machine is trained to learn by itself. It continues to gain knowledge to improve processes and run tasks more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used in Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home Device.


What are the different categories of algorithms?

There are three main categories of algorithms:

  • Classification: This is the type of algorithm which is used when there is a need to classify a set of data in a specific way.
  • Regression: These algorithms are used to predict future outcomes based on a set of input data.
  • Clustering: These algorithms take an entire data set and find similarities or differences between specific data points.

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