Business Rules Management System

What is Business Rules Management System?

A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a technology system used to capture decision logic as a business rule and automated across applications. The rules are externalized and managed away from application code instead of embedding it within multiple applications. It ensures that the logic is reused in many business applications and changed independently from the governing applications.

Why use a Business Rules Management System?

A BRMS empowers organizations to define and maintain the business rules guiding a systems decision workflow to determine what actions are enabled in any given circumstance. With no-code logic, this system delivers a profound boost to business agility, productivity, and logic accuracy. It ensures cost savings and faster rules changes when necessary.

What are the benefits of BRMS?

  • Increased efficiency through automated decision-making, reducing the need for the manual processing of recurring decisions.
  • The ability to scale decision rules across multiple applications
  • Ensure automatic compliance with applicable policies, regulations, and by creating an audit trail.
  • Promotes fast, easy, and accurate rule changes by identifying incomplete and conflicting rule logic.
  • Enhance customer experience with self-service functionality.

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