Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case Management is a process that allows recording, monitoring, and analysis involved in the processing of the data, procedures, and related content that comprise a case. A case can be an investigation or transaction that can be conducted, a service request that must be fulfilled, or an incident or issue that must be resolved. It improves knowledge-driven work as well as general processes to optimize outcomes.

As opposed to business rules management system, which focuses specifically on workflows and repeatable processes, case management is a more holistic technique for managing work and is designed to improve knowledge-driven work and general processes to optimize outcomes. Case management solutions help improve business activities such as compliance tracking, facilities project management, incident resolution, fraud investigation, etc.


What are the benefits of Case Management?

  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure continuity with a 360-degree view of information.
  • Improve visibility with case dashboards and reporting.
  • Increase transparency with an audit trail of all activities, support compliance, and help organizations identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure smooth handoffs and effective collaboration by making content accessible to all authorized stakeholders throughout the case.

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