Guided Analytics

What is Guided Analytics?

Guided Analytics is a process at the intersection of business intelligence and predictive analytics focused on the development of interactive visual interfaces/workflows for business applications. It is a process where human feedback and guidance can be applied whenever needed, even while an analysis is in progress.

The goal of guided analytics is to help enterprises create a system that facilitates this interaction while still developing a powerful analytics application. It enables a team of data scientists with various options and skills to collaboratively build, maintain, and continuously refine analytics applications to provide more useful and accurate analysis to business users with different degrees of user interaction.

What are the benefits of Guided Analytics?

  • It is designed for businesses to create business applications with the correct degree of automation and interaction needed based on their requirements.
  • It speeds up the development of business user applications by building and maintaining workflows that use interactive nodes and automation components.
  • These workflows/applications are not a black box but guided, so what happens at each stage can be surfaced to the user in every detail.

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