Linguistic Annotation

What is a linguistic annotation?

Linguistic annotation refers to the data available in various formats like audio or text, etc., that is annotated to make it understandable for ML. Data containing the conversation between humans through language or written text are annotated with added metadata and notes. In other words, various types of data like audio, text, and video are annotated or labeled with additional metadata to make the entire sentence or document comprehensible through NLU, NLP, or other language-based AI model development.


What are the benefits of linguistic annotation?

  • It helps ML models be accurately trained for correct prediction with supervised learning processes.
  • Educated ML algorithms offer end users a completely different and streamlined experience. Chatbot or digital assistant systems allow users to answer their questions quickly according to their demands.
  • Speech recognition technology in virtual assistance helps understand the human language and communicate through the natural language process.

Opportunities for AI in Telecommunication

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