Real-time streaming data

Real-time streaming data

What is real-time streaming data?

Real-time streaming data is data that is continuously generated from various sources without any delay. Unlike historical data that is processed in batches or micro-batches, real-time data is processed as and when they are generated. Examples of streaming data include real-time stock updates, social media feeds, servers, and security logs, etc. Enterprises use continuous data streams for a variety of day-to-day use cases from fraud detection to product recommendations.


What is the importance of real-time streaming data?

In today’s hyper-competitive, digital world, speed is everything. Streaming data analytics gives real-time visibility into business activities, allowing companies to respond quickly to areas that need attention. Businesses across industry segments can benefit from analyzing real-time streaming data.


What are the benefits of real-time streaming data?

  • With real-time streaming data, companies can monitor various business activities in real-time.
  • It helps in detecting patterns and trends in real-time.
  • It enables businesses to respond instantly to emerging scenarios, allowing them to deliver a better customer experience.
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