Streaming Analytics

What is streaming analytics?

Streaming analytics involves the analysis of a large amount of continuous or real-time data to identify anomalies, discover trends and patterns in real-time. Unlike historical data, streaming data is generated in real-time as and when an event happens such as initiating a financial transaction. Businesses across sectors leverage streaming analytics to gain real-time data insights to respond quickly to opportunities and risks.


What is the importance of streaming analytics?

Streaming analytics can be applied to a wide variety of use cases across the business from improving operational efficiency, monitoring financial transactions, to driving product recommendations. It is used across industry verticals such as BFSI, retail, healthcare, and the energy industry.


What are the benefits of streaming analytics?

  • Streaming analytics gives real-time visibility over business KPIs.
  • It provides early insight into trends.
  • It helps in discovering new opportunities and mitigating risks.

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