Unstructured Data

What is unstructured data?

Unstructured data is information that exists in a non-normalized and non-identifiable data structure. This includes text, image, audio, and video files that are not stored in databases. Especially in the environment of Big Data, unstructured data is of enormous importance.


What are the challenges with unstructured data?

The problem with unstructured data is that computers find it very difficult to assign, analyze, and process it further. The most relevant information in companies is usually available in unstructured form. To process this automatically, methods from the field of AI, such as NLP or Deep Learning, are used. The goal is to extract information with the help of these technologies and make it comprehensible for software. This software can then process the information in various ways, such as enterprise search engines. The big challenge is analyzing and processing large amounts of data from different sources and file formats in real-time.


How can AI help unlock the value of unstructured data?

  • AI can improve data quality for better data management.
  • AI can convert information into structured formats through document processing.
  • AI can connect the dots through a knowledge mind map.
  • AI can make data accessible through enterprise search.

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