What is XOps?

XOps enables data and analytics professionals to operationalize their processes and automation to meet measurable and defined goals which align with business priorities.


Why XOps is important?

It has become a crucial part of digital transformation processes due to the adoption of AI and analytics across an organization. XOps started with DevOps that is an amalgamation of development and operations. It shortens the system’s development cycles and provides continuous delivery with high software quality.

It helps to create an enterprise technology stack that includes DataOps, MLOps, ModelOps, AIOps, and PlatformOps. It links development, deployment, and maintenance to operationalize the skills and processes to monitor and maintain analytics and AI artifacts.


What are the benefits of XOps?

  • Improves business operations, efficiencies, and customer experiences by enabling teams to collaborate and communicate better while simulating automation techniques to build effective Ops processes.
  • Enables automation and ensures a reduction in the duplication of technology and processes.
  • Ensure reliability, reusability, and repeatability.

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