Why enterprises need AI-driven platforms_invoices

Why enterprises need AI-driven platforms

Introduction: A New Technology Stack Over the last four decades, the information technology market has grown exponentially to more than $2 trillion. During this time, the IT industry has experienced the transition from mainframe computing to minicomputers, to personal computing right at our homes, to internet computing, and handheld computing. The software industry has transitioned […]

How to build an AI platform with no-code_Augmented Analytics_Blog

How to build an ai platform with no code

No-code AI is a type in the AI application that aims to democratize AI. No-code AI means using a no-code development platform with a visual, code-free and often drag-and-drop interface to deploy AI and machine learning models. No code AI enables non-technical users to quickly classify, analyze data and easily build accurate models to make […]


What is No-Code ML and How to get started?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two limbs of technology that are quickly evolving and helping businesses run. Today’s businesses rely on updated data and deep insights, which primarily depend on our ability to find and analyze them. In such a case, we need machine learning to learn from this data and give individualized assistance […]