What is an AI platform?

Any type of action-conscious automation needs a method that can use artificial intelligence to assist digitalization and provide outcomes that are at least as good as those that would have been produced by humans. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for this skill, which is where AI platforms come in. The term “AI […]

Adversarial Attacks A detailed review

Adversarial attacks: A detailed review

Deep Learning has proven to be a very efficient tool in recent times when it comes to solving challenging problems across various fields such as healthcare (computer-aided assessment, drug discovery), financial services (fraud detection), automobiles (self-driving automobiles, robotics), communications (news aggregation and misinformation detection), as well as other day-to-day utility services (such as virtual assistants, […]


Gartner Recognizes HyperSense for AI and Data Science

Gartner listed Subex as a representative vendor for multi-persona Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) platforms in its recently published ‘Market Guide for Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms’ report. The representative vendors were evaluated on technical parameters such as: data access, exploration, visualization, model development, and advanced analytics. Other aspects such as user […]