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Does AI Studio provide special technical support and training for Private Deployments?

Yes! After your Private Deployment has been implemented, the AI Studio Support Team is always available to quickly respond to queries about product features and functionality. The AI Studio support offerings include:

  1. A range of support options that give you the flexibility to select the right amount of service for any size organization.
  2. A dedicated email address (e.g., yourcompany-support@HypersenseAIS.com) with guaranteed response time.
  3. Telephone and/or chat-based support that provides rapid response and up-to-the-minute information.
  4. Detailed user manuals that explain the use and configuration of each feature in the AI Studio application.
  5. Free easy-to-use education materials are provided as well.

The AI Studio special assistance and training plans are available on-line training and in-person to ensure that your team gets the most from the AI Studio application. To facilitate this assistance, upgrade, maintain, or troubleshoot both Self-Managed and On-Premises deployments, it is necessary to have a method of remote access for the AI Studio Support Team to manage the Private Deployment. Remote access can be provided through whatever VPN or remote desktop control software is standard for your company and is always at your discretion.

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