For an On-Premises Deployment, what kind of access does AI Studio have to the data and environment of my company?
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For an On-Premises Deployment, what kind of access does AI Studio have to the data and environment of my company?

No data is transmitted to or from the AI Studio system in normal operation. All computational requirements are installed locally. Once AI Studio is implemented On-Premises, AI Studio has no access to the environment or data at all, unless there is an explicit request by a customer for AI Studio to analyze a sample of the data exposing a problem. In that case AI Studio prefers a written grant (an email to of permission to examine a sample of data that would help the AI Studio Support Team debug a system failure. All copies of this data would be deleted upon completion of the troubleshooting.

With your On-Premises deployment you are free to firewall, block or otherwise restrict access to your environment. AI Studio will provide you with a maintenance guide and updates will be provided to your IT staff to be installed. Nevertheless, AI Studio recommends allowing for the possibility of giving access to the AI Studio Support Team for assistance with updates or troubleshooting. The method for granting access is at your discretion and can be arranged as needed. Some of AI Studio customers use VPN connection, some others simply use a Webex connection with remote control, which also has the benefit of allowing your staff to monitor what actions AI Studio’s Support Team is taking in your environment which is beneficial both for auditing and for training.

Note: AI Studio reserves the right to collect and review usage statistics. This is limited to metadata such as: the number of Pipelines that have run, what size they are, how long it took, etc., but it will never include any customer specific data. AI Studio uses this metadata to understand how the customer is using the platform and if it is performing adequately.

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