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How can I access users’ management?

To access User Management:

Go to Common Services landing page and click the User Management in System Administration panel.


The User Management landing page is displayed.


The User Management landing page has the following sections:

  • Creation Panel: This panel allows you to create the Users and User Groups.
    • Click Hide Creation Panel to hide the creation panel.
    • If hidden, click Show Creation Panel to view the creation panel.
  • The second panel displays the summary of Users and User Groups in the system. It has the two tabs:
    • Users: The Summary panel of this tab displays the Total Onboarded Users, number of Active Users, Expired Accounts and Blocked Users.

The Login Status panel displays the Successful Logins and Failed Logins. You can select the time interval using dropdown and view the successful logins and failed logins. The Last Connected Users Panel displays the details of recently connected users.

Groups: This tab displays the summary of User Groups.


  • The last panel is associated with the second panel. It provides the list of the Users or User groups,
    • On summarizing the User details, it lists the Users.

On summarizing the User Group details, it lists the User Groups

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