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How can I create users in user management?

To create a New User:

In the User Management landing page select User option and click Create.


The Create New User window is displayed.


  • Complete the following fields:
    • Login Name: Enter the login name of the user.
    • Email: Enter the email ID of the user.
    • Set Password; Enter a password for your account based on the directions.
    • Confirm Password: Reenter your password.
    • Display Name: Enter the name that you want to display.
    • First Name: Enter the first name.
    • Last Name: Enter the last name.
    • Contact Number: Enter the contact number of users.
    • Country: Select the country of user.
    • Language: Select the preferred language of the user.
    • Contact Address: Enter the address of the user.
    • Description: Enter the description.
    • User Group Linking: Select a group, to assign it to the user.

Click Create User to save the details.

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