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How is AI Studio different than other Machine Learning tools? Why should I use it?

AI Studio’s robust algorithms and visualizations can help you harness the power of your data with unprecedented ease and reliability.

The team at HyperSense AI Labs is made up of software industry and Machine Learning veterans who have solved complex business and scientific problems at scale in their prior experiences in turn witnessing the true power of Machine Learning.

AI Studio with the goal to reduce the barriers to deploying Machine Learning based solutions for everyone. Simply stated, AI Studio makes Machine Learning simple, elegant, easy to integrate, deploy, measure, and automate. In other words, AI Studio is Machine Learning for everyone. This is possible through AI Studio’s RESTful predictive API, as well as AI Studio’s much celebrated web UI with unmatched data processing, model building, visualization and evaluation capabilities speeding up the learning process even for the uninitiated be they developers, IT professionals or business analysts.

Every profession has some secrets and Machine Learning is no exception. It is true that some solutions call for very specialized algorithms perhaps even coded from scratch to fit the need. With that said, with over half a century of Machine Learning history to reflect on it is no secret that a well-researched and proven subset of algorithms handles the heavy workload. This is simply the manifestation of the common Pareto Principle in the predictive analytics context. In a way this is AI Studio’s way of giving you pots, pans, forks, spoons, knives (and even a set of chopsticks) without complicating your life with banana hangers or an avocado de-pitter.

AI Studio has prioritized a versatile, explainable and powerful set of algorithms that will perfectly meet most organizations’ needs as they venture into advanced analytics realm. If there is a need to explore the remaining territory and/or customize the targeted solution to a greater extent, AI Studio can still help through its Virtual Private Cloud or On-Premises deployments that come with enhanced capabilities and professional services.

If the traditional commercial predictive analytics and Machine Learning toolset is akin to flying a long-haul airliner, you can think of AI Studio more as driving a car, much more accessible albeit with some modest learning curve of its own. Utilizing the AI Studio case examples and user guides as well as the documented Canvas, APIs, and bindings, you too can learn how to drive to success on your Machine Learning journey with AI Studio. So, no PhDs in Theoretical Physics are required.

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