What are AI Studio Operators?
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What are AI Studio Operators?

The Operators available in AI Studio are the building blocks needed to create a complete Machine Learning solution. You can work with AI Studio in two different ways: through the pre-built templates to easily build your models using the pre-configured templates on various use cases, and through Canvas to automate your Machine Learning Pipelines using various operators. Below there is a list of all available operators.

  • Data Reader
    • CSV Data Reader
    • Data S3 Reader
    • Database Reader
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Correlation Testing
      Auto EDA
  • Data Operation
    • Concat
    • Join
  • Variable Operation
    • Class Imbalance
    • Data Transformation
    • Encoder
    • Feature Reduction
    • Normalization
  • Record Operation
    • Datatype Analyzer
    • Filter
    • Missing Value Treatment
    • Outlier Detection
    • Sampling
  • Feature Synthesis
    • Dimensionality Reduction
    • Expression (fx)
    • Profiling Operator
    • Summarize
  • Algorithms
    • Classifier
    • Clustering
    • Forecast
    • Regression
  • Auto ML
    • Auto CASH
    • Auto Feature Engineering
    • Auto Feature Selection
  • Model Deployment
    • Model Saving
    • Model Score
  • Data Writer
    • Data S3 Writer



Pre-built templates


List of operators to create new pipeline


Please see our operator overview video here for a gentle introduction to the AI Studio operators.

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