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What are the data sources supported in AI Studio?

Readers are the first step of any AI Studio Pipeline. Data source, in this instance, implies all the of instances of an object or entity that you want to model that is stored in a tabular format. The main purpose of AI Studio readers is to make sure that AI Studio parses and interprets each instance in your source correctly. Readers contain the following parsing and data dictionary information, among other details:

  • The fields that are detected in your data file
  • The locale used to parse your decimal numbers
  • The tokens considered as missing values
  • Whether your file has a header row
  • The character used as field separator in your file
  • The character used as quote in your file
  • How your text fields will be parsed
  • The separator character in your items fields

AI Studio infers the answers for these questions by analyzing the first lines in your data file. However, if you need to change any of these choices, you will need to update your source object and your data will be reinterpreted according to the new configuration.


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