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What does a license to an AI Studio Private Deployment include?

A license to an AI Studio Private Deployment includes all the regular improvements and bug fixes released by AI Studio for the backend, API, front-end, and command line layers. Improvements and fixes are regularly made available, except for critical fixes which are provided immediately. All the new features, including new modeling algorithms provided by AI Studio on its multi-tenant version are implemented immediately for managed VPCs and made available quarterly for Self-Managed VPCs and On-Premises deployments. How the fixes are delivered depends on your deployment type:

  • Managed VPC:

Critical fixes may be applied without prior notification if the expected downtime is minimal, for example only a few seconds. AI Studio will always notify you of any changes that are made. In addition, the AI Studio Support Team will apply upgrades during periods when your deployment is not being used. If you prefer, AI Studio can contact you to arrange a convenient downtime for each deployment.

  • Self-Managed VPC & On-Premises Deployment:

AI Studio’s Support Team will prepare the deployment package and contact you to apply for the update. After each update, you will receive a document describing the changes included in the deployment, detailing the newimproved, and fixed items.

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