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Which types of fields does AI Studio support to find associations?

Association operator supports the following fields:

  • Numeric: it will be discretized into segments to be transformed into categorical.
  • Categorical: each category will be considered a different value.
  • Text: each term will be considered a different value. You can change this behavior from the configuration source panel by tuning the text analysis parameters.

Items: each item will be considered a different value. AI Studio automatically detects items fields when they are separated by non-alphanumeric characters, however any single character can be a separator. These kinds of fields are usually found in transactional datasets containing a set of items. For example, for market basket analysis you can find transactions like: “skimmed milk, dark chocolate, carrots”. You will have to set a unique separator for your items so AI Studio can automatically recognize the unique items (in the previous example the separator is the comma).

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