HyperSense AI

Build ML models with continuous integration of data pipeline and model pipeline. Deploy the end-to-end pipeline for continuous deployment with rolling updates without disrupting prediction services.

Deploy ML pipeline with continuous monitoring

HyperSense AI Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) capabilities continuously review, reassess, and identify problems with the ML model through a model monitoring, ensuring the model’s accuracy and efficiency are constantly improved. It provides full visibility into the AI pipelines and reports results in near real-time so that they can be iterated quickly and new experiments can be conducted in a fail-fast manner.

Benefits of CI/CD

Increased Scalability

HyperSense AI streamlines the entire ML pipeline with continuous integration (CI)/continuous deployment (CD) for large-scale deployments.

Increase Efficiency

HyperSense AI increases the efficiency of the ML teams by 40-60% by visualizing and automating the repetitive tasks of the ML lifecycle.

Quickly deploy models

With HyperSense AI deploy models quickly by allowing minor updates to be deployed directly rather than waiting for multiple changes.

Deploy AI models in production within weeks