AI governance and Security

HyperSense AI
Security and Governance

HyperSense AI platform supports various security standards, such as PCI-DSS, 2FA, and encryption standards, such as AES and RCA. It is also GDPR compliant. It helps manage process workflows’ health, roles, permissions, and security. It is also built-in with user management, license management, and log management capabilities for maintaining a secure system. It sets the rules and controls for access and traceability of logs.


Benefits of AI Security & Governance Layer

Improve Productivity
Improve Resilience

Enhances the models’ robustness from modern day adversarial attacks on AI systems.

Value Gap
Improve Adoption

Instill trust in AI models and drive higher adoption and collaboration across enterprise users.

Ensure Transparency
Ensure Transparency

Ensures transparency in decision-making and eliminates bias with Explainable AI capabilities.

Make trusted business decisions with HyperSense AI