MLOps: A Guide For Your Enterprise AI Strategy

According to Gartner, 85  percent of all Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects tend to fail, and the trend is expected to run well through 2022. However, organizations can flip the equation by adopting Machine Learning Operations or MLOps, which allows organizations to redefine the process of putting the model into production, helps break from the shackles […]


Counterfactual Explanations for Explainable AI

Explainable models in artificial intelligence (AI) have become necessary for the business world. It has been greatly accelerated by introducing global policies and increased awareness around data protection and privacy. Towards this, the area of explainable AI has become a valuable tool for explaining the black box decision of ML models. This whitepaper discusses the […]

Changing Landscape of the CIO Vertical

CIO’s Guide to Augmented Analytics

With the rapidly changing data landscape, companies are awash with massive data struggling to unlock its true potential value. To handle such large volumes of data using traditional methods would be highly inefficient. Due to this, companies face issues such as integration, data silos, and governance. This is where Augmented Analytics comes in to save […]

Tailor-Your-Data-Fabric-for-Faster-ROI-and-Business-Outcomes_SM image

Tailor Your Data Fabric for Faster RoI and Business Outcomes

In a multi-technology data and analytics ecosystem, data resides in various stores like data warehouses, data lakes, and databases. With analytics becoming a vital differentiator among leaders and laggards, a robust data management strategy is the key to success. A data fabric provides the missing unifying semantic layer above data. It traverses the entire organization, […]